Welcome to the CheckOutlook homepage

checkoutlook.pl is a perl script to check mail on Microsoft's Outlook web based mail reader. The script currently only checks for mail, and then logs out, printing the sender and subject of the message, if applicable. It can optionally play a sound alert. The script can be run in daemon mode, in which case it runs in silence until a message is received.

Checking mail using CheckOutlook is a lot faster than starting up Firefox all the time, especially on the author's computer, and this script saves you from all the bothering session timeouts.

The program was intented as a way to study perl, and has been tested on one server only. It is at this moment uncertain to the author wether it will work for other configurations. Feedback will be appreciated.

-d, --daemon      : run in daemon mode
--debug              : print some extra debugging info
-v, --version        : print version information and exit
-i, --interactive      : prompt the user to retrieve or delete messages

Crypt::SSLeay (for https)
Term::ReadKey (for safe password entry)

All these modules are available at www.cpan.org, or installed automagically using the
'perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::LWP' command.

The latest version is checkoutlook.pl

1.0.0         02-dec-2007       Initial version
1.0.1         04-dec-2007       URL corruption bugfix
1.0.2         06-dec-2007       Neater mail notification
1.1.0         04-jan-2008       Interactive mode added

This script comes with some functionality based on functions within FetchYahoo by Ravi Ramkissoon. Refer http://freshmeat.net/projects/fetchyahoo for that excellent program.
Copyright: Feel free to do whatever with this script. Improvements are welcome!